Maccabi Hall of Fame – March 2022

In Jeffrey’s series of 42 portraits of Maccabi Hall of Fame inductees, he wanted to depict their distinctive personalities and pay tribute to their outstanding sporting achievements.

Cabrini Volunteers – May 2019

The Cabrini Volunteers exhibition was inspired by Jeffrey’s own experience of the hospital and shown for National Volunteers Week 2019

Tribute: Child Survivors of the Holocaust – April 2017

Jeffrey was inspired when working on the Tribute exhibition in 2016 by the wonderful people he met and he wanted to paint child survivors to explore more deeply the stories of those who were children when the war began. Theirs is a journey of innocence surrounded by evil and of building a life from a lost childhood.

‘Tribute: Child Survivors of the Holocaust’ shows the lives of child survivors through the medium of a painted portrait and a sketch of the sitter as a young child.

See an interview with Jeffrey here.

Now that I have seen the exhibition, I have to commend you for making it possible… I think you have created an awareness of the history of Holocaust Child Survivors, in a physical manner and not just a narrative of their miracle of survival. Thank you for including me as part of this awareness.

Jack, Child Survivor

Tribute – March 2016

Tribute was an homage to the stories of 20 Jewish Holocaust survivors, most aged in their 80s and 90s. This was the first time a series like this had been painted in Australia.

For the artist there was a sense of urgency that led him to this project. When he met with his subjects and learned their stories, he wanted to pay tribute to their dignity and fortitude and the ways in which they were able to rebuild their lives in Australia.


See an interview with Jeffrey about Tribute here and an article about the exhibition here.